Breaking news in Godwin Heights

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This is a slightly incoherant rant.

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It is not the responsibility of the church to feed you or to nurture your spiritual growth. That responsibility is your own. You want solid food, but can barely stomach the milk that has already been given to you.

The church’s responsibility is to reach the lost for Christ, and that means going out to where they are, not being lazy and trying to get them to come in where we are. Be a missionary or get out of the way.


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I am definately not feeling so hot.



although, as always, i am of course looking hot

Romans 9:13

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Just as it is written: “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”

Think about that one.

Me N Mah Peeps

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So myself and a few other gentlemen whom i respect deeply have started a joint venture here

I had a dream

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More of a nightmare really. Honestly, it’s quite interesting. Aparantly I had figured out a way to go back to school full time and work at fifth third full time. It was terrible, and then right before i woke up, I found out I had an 8 page paper due for a class that I didn’t even realize I had been taking.


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I am a calvinist. Know why? Becuase romans 9 and romans 11 tell me to be. I serve a God that is in control, not one who has no power over humanity. Is your G(g)od in control?